Is House Hunting Finnish style a Nordic detective story, after the manner of Stieg Larsson? Is it the story of a British academic engrossed in his discovery of Finland and its landscapes? It is possibly a mixture of both and other features, which makes the book attractive reading. There are also unexpected developments every now and then, right to the end. Any sequel to this well carried-out story ?




What readers have said about House Hunting Finnish Style

An original and unexpected novel

An original and unexpected novel, not at all the usual fare...

5 stars from Morningtop  (verified purchase) 

Don't judge a book by the cover

5 stars from Sceptical  

I was bought this as a present, which is probably just as well because if I'd seen it on a shelf I doubt that I would have picked it up.   The illustration on the front gives no clue as to the content and the title doesn't help. What is inside is a beautifully crafted story that wanders effortlessly from character to character and almost genre to genre. There is a little Scandinavian noire, a touch of travelogue, a character study, a tragedy, a fantasy and a psychological thriller, all rolled into one It is never what you expect and the pages just keep on turning. Well worth reading.



This is a compelling read! Megan Davies has crafted an original and clever story. A 'must' read for any individual or book group.

5 stars from Lequeux  (verified purchase)

5 stars from Riddle  (verified purchase)

Praise for House Hunting Finnish Style

Dark humour, deftly handled

4 stars from Mabel  (verified purchase) 

This is a well written novel - its inside pages offer more than the cover or title suggests,   There are fine descriptions of the landscape of Finland and sharp depictions of some of its native inhabitants as encountered by the hapless Englishman Noel Fisher PhD in his quest for Truth and Beauty.

Plenty of dark humour, deftly handled. A quietly witty and suspenseful read.

Not only about house hunting !

5 stars from Lucy  (verified purchase) 

This story has many unexpected twists and turns as it moves between England and Finland. The house hunting itself is concluded quite early on in the book but the house continues to play a significant role in the story. What makes this book different is the interesting light it sheds on the psyche of the Finnish characters. Its well worth a read.

I really enjoyed it for its humour

5 stars from M Hurst "ME"

A very interesting novel; it enhanced my first visit to Finland. The book's not quite what you think it's going to be - a real page-turner, and full of unexpected insights. It's an original - defies categorisation. I really enjoyed it for its humour, its unexpected dark side, and the surprises it brings. Highly recommended.

Nordic souls

4 stars from Copycreate

A novel in which acute observations make for the most compelling scenes - whether that's bringing to life the Finns and the Nordic countryside, full of water, boats and midsummer celebrations, or probing the darkest moments of a tormented soul who finds redemption in the unlikeliest of places.

Is House Hunting Finnish style a Nordic detective story?



Author's note: the book's cover now has a more approriate design.



Author's note: the book's cover now has a more appropriate design.